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Accepts Ages 2.5yrs and Up

Mission Statement

To inspire a passion for excellence, to nurture the curiosity, creativity, and imagination born within us all, to awaken the human spirit of every child, and to promote respect for all… Read More


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Programs & Curriculum 

These are some of the main objectives of Our Program:

Academic Readiness – Children learn through hands-on experiences; they don’t just watch someone else demonstrate an activity or listen to a teacher explain a concept. They actually work the problem out with their own hands. Children are encouraged by the hands-on environment to pursue their own learning intentions.

Independence – Children, with guidance, choose to work independently or in small group, and return the materials when completed.

Motivation comes from within the individual child. The child’s own curiosity and interest drives them toward competence. Children learn to correct their own work. Successes are far more numerous than failures.

Intrinsic Motivation – Children learn to pursue learning for the pure pleasure of it, rather than for short-term, arbitrary goals. Children initiate their own work and continue with it until the task has been completed.

Respect – Children learn to embrace rules that reflect a sense of respect for others and authority. At HTLC, children spontaneously seek growth and development. It is in their nature to do so, and the HTLC approach respects this and exploits it to the child’s benefit.

Citizenship – Children acquire the qualities to become “citizens of the world “and through civic virtue come to understand and cherish the world they live in. Our vision is of a world that can finally live in peace.