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Happy Times Learning Center is a Delaware licensed family childcare/ daycare facility.

CHILDCARE ADMISSION POLICY: All childcare available, requires an interview/intake with parents and legal guardians. This allows the provider to thoroughly explain the entire childcare contract. All childcare forms, including the immunizations records, must be returned a minimum of 24 hours prior to the first day of enrollment. This allows the teacher to review the information and create a file for the child. The child cannot start the school until all forms have been signed and returned.

OPEN ENROLLMENT: Happy Times Learning Center benefits, as do the students by welcoming children of all races, religions, cultures, languages, and nationalities.

REGISTRATION: The following forms should be completed, signed and submitted at the time of enrollment: Registration form, Enrollment Agreement, Authorization Form, Tuition Agreement, Immunization Card, and Statement of Health Status. First month tuition, registration fee, and material fee are due at the time of registration.

ATTENDANCE: The first ten days of care are probationary for provider, parent, and child. This agreement may be terminated at any time during that period. Otherwise, two weeks’ notice is required if the child is to be permanently removed from Happy Times.

FEE POLICY: Fees are due in advance and payable no later than the first day of the week that your child attends.A$5 fee will be assessed if your fee is not paid on time, and your child may not be accepted until your fee is paid, except under special circumstances prearranged and agreed by the provider.

  1. Two week’s fee will be accepted in lieu of two weeks’ notice, and, in fact, will be due with notice of plans to discontinue enrollment. Except in case of gross misconduct on the part of either parent or the child, provider will also tender two weeks’ notice prior of cessation of care. Your fee will be due when notice is given.
  2. Full payment is due each week regardless of child’s absences.
  3. Parents must complete appropriate forms and follow specific guidelines. The Montessori Preschool/ Kindergarten facility is open between the hours of 9:15 AM -12:15 PM. The day care is open from 7: AM to 6 PM. I maintain a 24-hour license.
  4. Fees, hours of operation and policies are subjective to change with a thirty (30) day written notice.
  5. A two week non-refundable deposit is required to hold a spot for longer than 2 week period. It will be applied as your first 2 weeks tuition when your child begins day care.

PAYMENT POLICY: Tuition is payable on Friday mornings, at drop off. Cash or checks made out to Happy Times are acceptable. In the event that a check does not clear, a $30 fee will be added to the following week’s tuition. In addition, future payments may be made in cash only.

Full payment is required in cases of absences, late arrival and early pickups.

The provider has the right to terminate your child‘s enrollment in cases of nonpayment within the above payment policy.

DISCIPLINE POLICY: Discipline will be constructive or educational in nature. When a child is expressing undesirable behavior, the provider will first evaluate the situation and decide if there are environmental factors affecting the child’s behavior (sick, tired, hungry, changes in the family or home, etc). The child’s immediate needs will be met before any action takes place.

We believe in natural consequences for children. The consequence should be immediate and relevant to infraction. For example, if the child spills something, they will be asked to clean the spill. The child might feel discouraged initially. With the proper instruction and encouragement, the child will take responsibility for their own actions. Eventually, the child will initiate the consequence himself (cleaning up without being asked) which gives him/her appropriate personal power.

When conflict occurs between two students, a conversation to resolve the problem will take place with the provider as a mediator. Conflict resolution will be done by the children. Each child admits the area of the ground rules they violate and then apologizes for their actions. They are encouraged to hug each other and shake hands and be friends.

Clear guidelines for behavior are discussed with children and they will be given verbal warning for unacceptable behavior. Aggressive behavior towards each other such as hitting, biting, spitting, fighting, and destruction of personal, school, or neighborhood property is not acceptable. Parents will be informed of problem behaviors that occur repeatedly and if they continue, parents may be asked to withdraw the child from the school. We want to provide a positive learning experience for all children in an environment that is safe and secure.

ILLNESS POLICY: HTLC does not accept children who are ill. A doctor’s note will be required for re-admission to the school when the provider feels that the child is possibly still ill and/or contagious. Children must be 24 hours without fever and without fever suppressants before returning to school. Parents are required to read the Illness policy carefully and sign it. Admission is at the discretion of the Provider.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not unusual, when children start in any type of group play or childcare that they may seem to develop more illness than before. This is a normal process for developing immunity to common illnesses. Children who have been in childcare are less likely to develop illness in their school years, compared to children who have not been in childcare.

IMMUNIZATIONS: Children may not return to school for at least 12 hours after receiving immunizations or boosters. Parents are responsible for supplying the provider with a current immunization record each time their child is inoculated. Parents are responsible for requesting from the provider a copy of the childcare immunization card to take to the annual doctor visit and have updated. The physician can also provide parents with the necessary card for each child’s required childcare immunization records.

YEARLY PHYSICALS: The Delaware Department of Health and Office of Child Care and Licensing require all children between the ages of 12 months and 8 years in childcare to have annual statements of health. A statement of health is required every 3 months from newborns to 18 months of age. I will provide you with a Healthy History form to be completed by your child’s physician and returned to me. Please keep in mind that I must follow strict guidelines regarding this matter and I am required to refuse admission to any child who does not have a Current Health History and Certificates of Immunization on file.

MEDICATION: Only life-sustaining medications will be administered at school.

TOYS AND OTHER SPECIAL ITEMS: Please encourage your child to leave their toys at home. We have weekly Show and Share days. Items brought one those designated days should be of educational, cultural, and/or learning value. No toys or characters are allowed for Show and Share. The provider does not assume responsibility for the loss, damage, or misplacement of any items a child may bring into the school.

CHILD RELEASE: Children will only be released to their parents or to an adult for whom parents have given Written Permission. In an event a parent or guardian requests a friend, neighbor, or a relative to pick up a child, the substitute must be previously authorized in the existing childcare forms. A driver’s license is required if the provider does not already know the person. The driver’s license must match the information originally supplied by the parents. A parent is responsible for informing the provider of the substitute pick up in advance. Should a parent not fulfill their responsibility regarding this matter, the provider cannot release the child and the parent will be responsible for the regularly scheduled late fee. Please note: In the event an authorized parental substitute is late in picking up a child, the parent will be held responsible for the overtime fee.

In case the parent arrives under the influence of a controlled substance/alcohol, the provider will not release the child to the parent. Other parent would be called or a previously authorized parental substitute would be called to pick up the child.

RESTRAINING ORDER: In the event of a court order restraining a parent or guardian, HTLC must have a written note from the custodial parent or guardian and a copy of court order. Without these requirements, the school cannot prevent the non-custodial person from picking up the child.

LATE PICK-UP OR NO PICKUP PROCEDURE: You are considered late if you are five minutes past your scheduled pick-up time. HTLC clocks are set with Verizon telecommunication service. HTLC opens, closes, and charges overtime fees based on school clocks. Please set your home, vehicle or work clocks with Verizon to avoid unnecessary late fees. If you are running late, please let me know immediately. You will be allowed three (3) late pickups no more than [10] minutes per month before the late fee is charged. Once you have used up your three late pickups, you will be responsible for adding any and all late fees to your next monthly payment. Please do not ask or expect us to keep track of your late pickups fees; it is embarrassing for both of us.

The charge is $ 5 for the first 15 minutes. Then $5.00 per minute will be charged thereafter. Please remember late fees will be billed when a child is still in the childcare home, with or without a parent. If you do not pick up the child by your schedule time, we will contact your emergency contacts.