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Montessori Curriculum

We use Montessori way of learning for reading, writing, mathematics, sciences, social studies and creative arts while integrating these basic concepts with practical life. Children are encouraged to implement HighScope, “Plan-Do-Review” process while working in the Montessori reading, writing, mathematics, sciences, social studies and creative arts stations.


The Montessori practical life exercise help prepare a child for writing and reading skills by developing and encouraging the following:

  • Concentration
  • Independence
  • Hand and Eye Coordination
  • Small Motor Skills

Examples of practical life exercises are: dressing frames, polishing shoes, washing hands, pouring water/rice, sweeping, dusting, folding, plant care, room care, food prep, scrubbing, peeling, washing, drying, cutting and pasting.


Sensorial exercises help children further their development in these areas: matching, sorting, grading, classifying, sequencing and creating order. Sensory base lessons are the foundation for later works in language and mathematics.

  • Visuals – knobbed cylinders, knob less cylinders, towers, long rods, geometric solids
  • Tactile – rough and smooth boards
  • Olfactory – smelling cylinders
  • Auditory – sound cylinders and bells
  • Gustatory – tasting tray


  • Vocabulary and Rhythmic work
  • Sandpaper Letters
  • Movable Alphabet
  • Reading Theory
  • Parts of Speech


  • Introduction to Numbers
  • Teens and Tens
  • Passage to Abstraction
  • Decimal System
  • Memory Work
  • Fractions


  • Puzzle Maps – North America, South America, Asia, Europe
  • Sandpaper Globe
  • Continent Globe
  • Land, Air and Water
  • Cultural Studies


  • Clay
  • Colored Pencils
  • Paint Trays
  • Collage Trays
  • A girl playing toys
  • A girl playing tower toy