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Meet Happy Times Teacher / Owner

Mrs. Mallick

Mrs. Mallick operates Learning Center (HTLC). She is the teacher, owner and director of Happy Times Learning Center and Family/Home Child care since 2011. She graduated from the University of Punjab and received a Master’s degree in Child Development and Nursery School Education. After earning her degree, she taught at the Child Development Department of Home Economics College for seven years.

In 1995, she joined Helping Hands Daycare in New Jersey as the head pre-school teacher. Then in 1996, she had joined the Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals Child Development Center of the Bright Horizons Family Solutions Company. Her work experience includes as a center wide floater for ages 3 months- 6 years, pre-school teacher, and lead head teacher of the kindergarten class until March 2002. She then moved to Delaware and joined Bank of America Child Development Center (another Bright Horizons facility) in August 2002 and worked as a toddler, kindergarten floater teacher, and preschool head teacher until 2010.

She always wanted to pursue her dream of having her own childcare business to utilize her 35 years of teaching experience. Though she has worked in different school settings, she favors the Montessori philosophy. She designed Happy Times Learning Center (HTLC) for the children who will be spending much of their parent’s workweek with her in a Montessori inspired school/home setting. She understands that it is not always easy for small children to be away from their homes and comforts that Mom and Dad provide. She is dedicated to the concept that each child is an important and vital part of HTLC.

Mrs. Mallick is a Step 8 on the Carrier Lattice and qualified as an Early Childhood Administrator with Delaware Stars. She is certified in First Aid, CPR, and Medical Administration. In order to maintain her childcare license with the Office of Child Care and Licensing (OCCL) and the State of Delaware, she is required to meet the continuing education requirements of 12 hours of annual training in the areas of Early Childhood Development and Education. She regularly attends training sessions for Delaware Stars, ensuring that her teaching methods and Montessori techniques are continually current.

Mrs. Mallick recognizes that these are your child’s formative years. She recognizes that your child will be learning from her, her family, and one another just as if they were at home. She strongly believes that good manners, practical life skills, common courtesy, and consideration for others will serve your child well throughout the course of his or her life.
She believes that children benefit most from exposure to a variety of stimulating experiences and materials. She believes all children require nurturing and age appropriate experiences. While her goal is to prepare your child to enter preschool or grade school, she recognizes that all children require comforting atmosphere and a home like approach to their daily activities. She strives for HTLC to be a home from home for your child.

She believes that is it our responsibility to help each child develop to his/her fullest socially, emotionally, physically, creatively, and intellectually.
She emphasizes small group size; Montessori inspired mixed age setting, with one teacher for six to nine children. As an educator, she understands how important the early years are for parents and children. She provides a combination of child-directed and teacher-guided activities that offer to children throughout the day. These include creative art, math, science, cognitive development, fine and gross motor skills, social development, music and movement hands-on, open-ended activities that focus on child-centered learning experiences.

Each morning and afternoon, she holds Montessori inspire activities for all the children. This allows for socialization and mix age interaction. Mixed age interaction, replicates family structure and create camaraderie, which is comforting to small children, while affording older children the opportunity to be encouraging, nurturing, and the use of their leadership skills. Interaction with more developed students allows young children to advance their own skills and abilities by emulating and pattering.