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To inspire a passion for excellence, to nurture the curiosity, creativity, and imagination born within us all, to awaken the human spirit of every child, and to promote respect for all… Read More


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Happy Times Learning Center and Family Childcare is a child world, home and place where children can be children while in safe environment full of learning and fun. We are committed to support development and learning; respecting individual differences; and helping children learn to live, play, and work cooperatively. We are also committed to promoting children’s self-awareness, competence, self-worth, resiliency, and physical well-being.

Happy Times is children’s home away from home where they are well cared, nurtured, and safe; explore all domains of learning and hands on activities on daily basis. We guide them in making decisions to become responsible through our “Plan-Do- Review High Scope” philosophy.

The limited number of children enrolled in our facility helps us to focus what is best for the child, to pay individual attention according to their special needs, interests and requirements. Happy Times does not only provide high quality of childcare but also offers a unique Montessori inspired kindergarten readiness-learning environment with a blend of “High Scope” curriculum philosophy, which help our preschool children in future to excel in the kindergarten.

We believe families are of primary importance in children’s development. Because the family and the early childhood practitioner have a common interest in the child’s well-being, we acknowledge a primary responsibility to bring about communication, cooperation, and collaboration between the home and early childhood program in ways that enhance the child’s development.

We believe that choosing the right day care or preschool for parents for their little ones is not an easy decision as it generally affects the life and future of the child and family. We give parents a high level of comfort in knowing their young child is well-cared, safe happy, nurtured while away from home. We offer a written comprehensive curriculum that is aligned with the Delaware Early Learning Foundations, child developmental screening “Ages and Stages Screening Tools”, curriculum-based assessment, and a supplemental curriculum to support healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating and physical activity.

We help children to develop and experience good eating habits, table manners, cleanup by providing healthy family-style meals. Children also assist in meal planning, preparing, cooking healthy hot meals and going on field trips to buy groceries for their menus. Due to our small group setting, we are able to offer more easily family oriented activities, such as parties, field trips, community involvement projects. Our community outreach events and projects help children to become more aware of the need of the society they are living in.

We share information about each child’s education and development with families and help them to understand and appreciate the current knowledge base of the early childhood profession. We update parents daily about their children’s day at school via instant text or picture messages. We also involve parents in decision-making for example buying Montessori equipment or sharing ideas for planned events. We accommodate families of dual language learners and offer conferences daily sheets in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi if needed. We offer our services for nontraditional hours such as weekend, night, holiday care, occasional care that they cannot find in large childcare centers.

Happy Times Montessori’s mixed age, multicultural setting help children to embrace diversity, practical life skills, acceptance, tolerance, empathy, sharing with each other and to respect other cultures and learn other languages such as Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. Our aim is to help children discover and enhance their skills and potentials as well as foster their other areas of growth, mentally, socially, physiologically and morally. Happy Times is a home learning school where we have the benefit of providing a quality of care to young children in a Montessori inspired multiage, small group and home/school setting.